Do you want to buy native bees and don’t know where to start?

Which bees do you like? There’s approximately 2000 species of native bees in Australia, most of those are Solitary Bees, with 11 species being Social Stingless Bees….

Want to build a bee hotel this weekend and encourage some native solitary bees in to your garden?

Bee hotels provide individual artificial tunnels that entice female solitary bees to lay their eggs. About 30% of native bee species will choose to nest in pithy centred canes or branches and wooden logs….

Bee Yourself at the Wild Canary

The Wild Canary at Brookfield Garden Centre hosted a Native Bee Workshop inviting Sarah Hamilton to talk about native bees and demonstrate a hive colony split.

Splitting with Rae

I had the pleasure of visiting Rae and Steves’ lush property at Samford (Qld/Aus). Rae is a bit of a character and rocked this blue jacket-net-hat combination while we did the split.

Native Stingless Bee Industry looks to the future

The great minds of the “Native Stingless Bee World” gathered in Brisbane for the first meeting in a series of what will be many….

Stingless Bees at Parliament House Canberra

As part of the initiative for creating diverse habitats, ecosystems in the Parliament House Garden Showcase, this year (2018) Hive haven – a Sunshine Coast small business was invited to install one of their Australian Native Stingless Bee Hives in the Speakers Courtyard.

Plants that attract Australian Native Bees

Are you looking to attract Australian Native Bees to your garden? Planting flowers is one of the best ways to do this. Native Bees such as stingless bees require three main resources – Nectar, Pollen, and Resin. If possible, try to make sure that you have at least two plants flowering at all times of the year. This ensures that there are ample resources even during periods (such as winter) where there is usually not as many…..

Native Bee Club – Francisco Garcia

Francisco is researching male reproductive bevahiour in stingless bees in Australia at the moment, though he has done extensive work with Bumble Bees in Mexico and spends a bit of time in Brazil where there are 600 species of stingless bees.

Bee Open Day 2018

Valley Bees held another excellent Bee Open Day at Imbil Qld Aus. It’s an expo for all bees, Honey Bees and Native Bees. They also attract a few other regular market sellers. I went along, stalked and chatted to a few people about their weird and wonderful products….

Sydneys Secret Bees

Melissa from Sydney Stingless Bees visits Parramatta Lake Reserve to meet Lisa, an Environmental Education Officer for City of Parramatta. Melissa learns about the Bee highway and how everyone can get involved and keep their own bees….

Adding Brood to a Budding Box

A very nice video from Kieran and his son transferring a section of brood to a budding box…

Macro Photography Tips

Macro photography can be very challenging. You need patience, and the only way to get the shots you want is to practice. Besides patience and practice, I’ve found over the years that good light really makes the photo…..

Removing Brood with Nick Powell

A great short video from Nick Powell demonstrating how to remove Brood giving plenty of usefull tips along the way….


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