Brisbane Bee Club – Hive Show

The Brisbane Native Bee Club held a Hive Show where members brought along boxes they’d made and the builders had a chance to talk about their boxes. There were 14 speakers, so it was a good turn out. The hall was a packed with a wide variety of designs. A great day and good to meet quite a few people.


I didn’t get photos of everything but here’s a few from the day. I brought along an Observation Box and a Mail Box unpainted as I didn’t get a chance to finish them , I was sanding them an hour before I went to the meeting!


Above: Mail Box, Oil Observation Box and Tims Rustic Hardwood Box


Above: Dave Gilbert had a wide selection of designs


Above: John Klumpp’s light weight concrete hives


Club details:


The BNBeeC meets on the first Sunday month at the THEACA Hut, 47 Fleming Rd Chapel Hill from 1pm to 3pm.


Check the Native Bee Event Calendar for future workshops



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