What kind of bees live in your area?

Above: Native Stingless Bee – Tetragonula Carbonaria


There’s around 1600 indentified species of Native Bee in Australia, with an estimated 2000 species in total. There’s (?) species of Social Stingless Bee, then the rest are known as Solitary Bees. Some Solitary Bees nest in holes in trees or logs, and some burrow in to the ground. For example the Blue Banded Bee female creates a burrow in the ground as a nest but the male just roosts on a thin twin at night with no need for a nest..

Social Stingless Bees only live in certain warmer coastal areas like from Sydney and upwards and across the northern areas of Australia, so you may not be able to buy a Stingless Bee Hive if you live outside of those areas. If you can’t have Stingless Bees in your area you will still have plenty of Solitary Bees that you can help encourage by finding out what type of nests or homes they like and building structures to suit that specific species.


Here’s some useful websites to help you find out what kind of bees live in your area.

Aussie Bee: https://www.aussiebee.com.au/beesinyourarea.html

Read more about Blue Banded Bees: http://bluebandedbees.com


Above: Native Solitary Bee – Blue Banded Bee. The females burrow in to the ground while the males will roost on thin twigs at night.

Above: Homalictus – Bubbling Nectar – They send out the Nectar and take it back in repeatedly to reduce the water content. Ground burrowing.

Above: Masked Bee

Above: Leafcutter Bee



Some Solitary Bees like holes drilled in blocks of wood, or pieces of Bamboo so you could make a Bee Hotel, where as other Solitary Bees will burrow in to the ground so you can provide areas of exposed earth, or made mud brick hotels.


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